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"In a racist society, it is not ENOUGH to be non-racist, you must be anti-racist."

- Angela Davis

Beaumont Responds
"As individuals and as a larger collective, we the teachers, administrators and employees of Beaumont say enough is enough. We recognize our responsibility to respond to the situation and help our students to both understand the issues at play and to create an equitable educational experience for all our students."


Beaumont Rigler Alameda Parents for Racial Equity group provides parents with educational opportunities and community to build shared understanding of race and racism, including in our families, school and district.  The PTAs of all three schools support this work.  With knowledge and experience gained in this group, parents can engage in their own racial equity journey and support racial equity efforts in their schools and community.  

Excited Children in Science Class

Upcoming Events

Parents for Racial Equity Virtual Meetings for 20/21 School Year

  • November 10th, 7 pm - Affinity Groups

  • February 2nd, 7 pm - Portland's History of Racist Housing & Zoning

  • Spring Event - TBD

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